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Working Through Bereavement Requires More Than a Few Days Off

“Yet, “grief is not an express event,” said R. Benyamin Cirlin, LCSW and executive director at the Center for Loss & Renewal, a psychotherapy and consultation group on the Upper West Side. “We don’t expect people to become Ph.D.s in six months. We shouldn’t expect people to know how to live in a new world without a beloved person quickly

How to Cope With Grief During the COVID-19 Pandemic

“Now everybody has got, on some level, a shattered assumption and some level of grief,” he says. And any kind of grief can feel like the “worst pain in the world,” he says.

Workers' Mental Health Becomes Concern of Firms

The needs of traumatized employees aren't always solved quickly. R. Benyamin Cirlin, a New York clinical social worker who has worked with many companies after crises, worries that "we're an instant society, so there's a rush to do immediate grief counseling, but the need will be as great, or even greater, weeks or months down the line." Mr. Cirlin says it is important to convey to the grief-stricken that all kinds of reactions -- irritability, rage, difficulty sleeping, changes in appetite, sexual dysfunction -- are normal and usually dissipate in time.

How to Heal: Why Mass Shootings In A Small City Hurt More

For the town of Sunderland Springs Texas, healing will be hard but not impossible.

“You need to distinguish between grief and trauma. Grief is a reaction you have. It's about separation, losing someone, and all the emotions and feelings you experience in regards to that loss. People in any type of mass tragedy are not only dealing with grief, they are also dealing with trauma.”

The Atlantic
My Dad Is Dead. His Landlord Just Evicted Him.

A jumble of complicated and unexpected logistical tasks can fall into your lap after a loved one dies.

“It’s an intellectually and psychologically challenging task. And it’s a task that you have to undertake when you’re not at your best,” R. Benyamin Cirlin, the executive director of the Center for Loss and Renewal, in New York City, told me.

New York Magazine
31 Meaningful Condolence Gifts for Grieving Loved Ones

Whether you choose a gift that helps your friend through the grieving process, or one that honors the memory of their loved one, keep in mind that condolence gifts are largely symbolic of your love and support. “It’s really about that communication, letting the person know you’re here for them,” according to R. Benyamin Cirlin, a social worker and the executive director of the Center for Loss and Renewal.

New York Magazine
The 16 Best Books About Dealing With Grief, According to Psychologists

When we suffer core-level losses, the narrative arc of our life stories is torn apart,” explains Dr. Miriam Benhaim, clinical director of the Center for Loss and Renewal.

Commentary on the Play: “The Events”

R. Benyamin Cirlin, LCSW, spoke on the subject of grief and trauma following a presentation of the New York City Theater Workhop's production of "The Events,"
an award winning drama dealing with an individuals attempt to make sense of a violent incident

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Eye treatment makes traumatic memories go away

“Some people believe that the eye movements help people bring in new information, akin to REM sleep,” Upper West Side therapist R. Benyamin Cirlin, who began practicing EMDR after 9/11, tells The Post. “Others believe that paying attention to a secondary stimuli” — like fingers or lights on an EMDR instrument — “allows the patient to develop some distance from the original experience.”

New York Times
For Many Widows, the Hardest Part Is Mealtime

New attention is being paid to the role of food and cooking in grieving for a lost partner.

Without a spouse sitting opposite, the kitchen table can feel unbalanced, a seesaw for one…“That has to be relearned,” said R. Benyamin Cirlin, the executive director of the Center for Loss & Renewal, a bereavement practice in Manhattan. “Time has to be relearned, now that time of eating is really a sign of one’s changed identity.”

Business Insider
How to Deal with Post Election Grief (11/15/16)

Your post-election sadness is real grief — here’s the best way to move forward

Grief counselor R. Benyamin Cirlin told Marisa Kabas of Fusion that a series of three tasks could help: "coming to terms with reality," understanding and accepting the state of things; coping with feelings, understanding specifically what made you feel angry or upset (maybe you or your friends belong to a group you fear may be discriminated against); and finally, figuring out how this event changed you as you think about what's important to you as you move forward.

Angel Gowns Help Bring Comfort to Grieving Parents (5/25/2011)

"Having something tangible, such as pictures to look back on and to share with other loved ones, siblings, and friends can help continue the bond with the baby who died and serve as a means to carry on their memory," says Miriam Benhaim, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, who, along with the executive director, R. Benyamin Cirlin, L.C.S.W., runs the Center for Loss and Renewal in New York City.

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